Vancouver SEO: What Is SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the term used for the process of improving your website rankings in search results. Many people believe that SEO is a complicated process that takes a long time to complete, but this is not actually true. If you understand the basics of SEO then you will be able to easily implement it to improve your websites search rankings. Read more about Vancouver SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO is made up of 3 different parts which are on-site SEO, off-site SEO and monitoring. Each of these parts will relate to tasks that need to be completed to improve your rankings in the search results. On-site SEO will include the content on your website and the overall structure of the site. Off-site SEO relates to link building and other forms of inbound traffic that will boost your rankings. Monitoring is self-explanatory as you monitor the results of the SEO steps that you have taken.

What The Search Engines Look For

To better understand SEO it is important that you know what the search engines are looking for in a website. While no-one knows the exact algorithms that search engines use to rank websites there are certain pieces that have been provided by the search engines that will help you rank. The parts that we do know about are the content on the site, the user experience and the links for the site.

Content Is The Most Important

The most important factor to ranking that you can focus on is the content on your site. Before you create content you will need to complete keyword research. The keyword research will help you determine which keywords to target for your market. It is recommended that you look at long-tail keywords which have 3 or more words as they are more targeted and generally easier to rank for.

When creating your content you should avoid using your keywords too many times as this is considered to be keyword stuffing and is penalized by the search engines. You should also look at focusing on one primary keyword per piece of content. The content should also offer valuable information to your reader and not be written with the search engine in mind.

All About The Links

Link building is also an important part of SEO, but you need to be careful with this. The external inbound links that you get need to be high quality because a good quality link is worth a lot more than multiple poor quality ones. You also need to look at internal linking within your website where you connect old and new content which is related.