Local SEO Auckland, New Zealand

Local SEO has emerged as one of the most popular Search Engine Optimization. The increased interest and popularity of local SEO emanates from the fact that with local SEO, businesses have a prime opportunity to capture search engine users at a point in their purchase experience where they are looking to actually make a purchase. Thus for business seeking to yield a high return on investment from SEO activities, local SEO Auckland is paramount.

Although this kind of SEO is irrevocably important, the process of optimizing your website for local search results is getting difficult with every passing year. At the infancy of local SEO, all businesses had to do is to claim their business on Google My Business, add a local address, and use the local-oriented content.

However, in 2016 Google reduced the number of listing displayed in the local business pack from seven to three, creating an environment of ultra-competitive for business looking to rank well in the local businesses category. So how do you stake a claim to the three displayed listing?

First and foremost, it takes dedication. Owing to the fact that your local SEO Auckland endeavours must on point, efficient, and of the highest quality possible, you must be dedicated to going above and beyond. Secondly, you must use the right tactics (keeping in mind the user guidelines for webmasters as provided by search engines).

This is where it gets tricky. There are numerous SEO tactics. However, few of them are suffice when it comes to yielding results as part of local SEO. Some of the best tactics to use include:

#1. Google My Business. Claiming your business in Google My Business increases your credibility as a local business and improves your ranking on local searches.

#2. Use Name, Address, And Phone Number (NAP) Effectively. This is among the most important ranking factors for local SEO.

#3. Optimize Your Website For Local Reviews

#4. Use Local Keyword. This tactic includes incorporating location-based local keywords into your website’s content

#5. Local Link Building. This endeavour involves seeking high-quality local backlinks for your website to increase its reputation as authority website in Auckland.

However, as you can appreciate, this is a long a long and tedious process, which require prior SEO experience and intricate understanding of ranking websites. As such, local Auckland businesses are best served by hiring professional SEOs to handle a majority, if not all, optimization processes. This ensures that local businesses get the best chance possible to rank on the three local listing.