Step by Step Procedure to Drain the Electric Water Heater

At whatever point you are having any issue with your electric water heater, and you are trying to figure out the issue or you want to repair it, you might need to drain the tank of the heater!

You can sometimes do the repairing by yourself, and sometimes you can get the help from 24 hour plumber Bundaberg.

Monthly draining is recommended to prevent the electric water heater from the sediment building up. No matter what’s the main reason behind the draining process, be sure to follow the proper step by step procedure to perform the job correctly.

Main procedure to drain the electric water heater:

Turn the power off:

Before performing any step, turn of the main power to the water heater. This step is done by turning off the electrical panel or fuse that is providing the power to the water heater.

Turn off the water supply:

The very next step is to turn off the water supply to the heater. You’ll find the valve at or somewhere near to the cold-water inlet pipe. Turn off the valve clockwise.

Ready the drain:

Drain cock is present at the bottom of the heater tank. That’s the place where water comes out from. It can be present on the top or the side of the electrical water heater.

Drain all the water:

With all the safety measurements taken correctly, it’s time to drain the water present in the heater.

Close the valve:

Once you are done with the procedure, close all the valves to the previous positions.

Turn on the power and the water supply:

After cleaning or repairing the electrical water heater, you may now turn on the power and water supply to it. By doing this, it will start working like before.